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Welcome to Kanella Summer Retreat.

A rental house is expected to be two things: neutral looking and centrally located.
We are neither.
Then again, there is no common ground in
general between us and purpose-built rentals.

When the time came to choose between the buzz, beats and traffic of Mykonos town and the serenity of a nest close to the ivy league of the beaches, our decision deemed obvious.
When the “swedish-furniture-and-whitewash-wall” course was lectured in the interior decoration classroom, we got expelled.
And when the quality of the elements and appliances was on stake, we went all in.

Our perception of a quintessential summer house will forever have the blossomed colors of Kanella.
Its decoration, textiles, perfume and soundtrack.

To find us, look at the pack of unmemorable Mykonos accommodation, then turn in the polar opposite.
There we are.-
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