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Welcome to Kanella Ski Lodge.

We always felt that people shouldn’t have to compromise between neglected old places and sterile modern spaces when staying away from home.

Lodgings should wrap you with old warmth;
offer new perspectives;
hum forgotten melodies;
radiate alluring scents;
brew delicious blends;
soothe your alert levels;
pamper you with treats.

“Character” has lately become the most invoked term in accommodation.
Only there’s nowhere for it to be bought. It roots in the creativity of the makers and the impulse of the evolvers.
And pours from walls, floors and curtains infused with laughter, dances and caresses.
The patina of good times.

Those who find little-to-no meaning in the above, will possibly find better places to stay.
The rest can take our word for it: there’s
nowhere like Kanella.-
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